Best Steam Generator Iron Reviews

Best Steam Generator Iron Reviews

It seems that the pace of life is getting faster every day. While we need some free time – either to spend alone relaxing or having fun with friends or family, it can be difficult to find that down time. When we aren’t working, we’re at home doing chores instead of relaxing and that is how stress starts to build up. But, what if I could tell you of an easy way to create more time in yoru busy scheudle and help relieve so meof tha tsress while imrpoving your work life balance. It’s ok, Im not some life coach or wellness guru – my solution is much simpler that re-aligning your chakra or learning yoga.

I’m speaking about cutting your ironing time in half! Thats right, wouldn’t it be great if you could spend more time with your spouse, kids, friends, or even just get more ‘me time’?

You can do all that with a steam generator iron! It is a kind of iron that generates steam in a special boiler unit using high pressure and it “injects” the steam right into the clothes making the fabric much, much easier to iron. So, give yourself the gift of free time, get rid of stress by doing something relaxing and lead a healthier life. Now you must be wondering which steam generator iron is best for you. Don’t worry. In this article, we are going to tell you all you need to know to choose the steam generator iron that fits your needs. If you have any questions after reading the text, feel free to check our best steam generator iron reviews for more detailed information.

Top Rated Steam Generator Irons​

ImageSteam Generator IronPriceOur Rating
Philips GC7619/20£££
Morphy Richards 42244££
Legend 2400W Gold££
Beldray BEL0434££

Types of Steam Generator Irons

There is a vast variety of steam generator irons and how will you know which suits your needs in the best way? Don’t worry, we will tell you everything you need to know. Some of the main types of this appliance are affordable, pressurised, non-pressurized and light weight steam generator irons. In order to make sure which one meets all your requirements, take a look at a more detailed description of every type:​

Affordable Steam Generator Irons

Beldray BEL0434

If you are looking for a good iron that will cut down your ironing time but keeps you within your budget then you should choose an affordable appliance that works well but doesn’t cost a lot. Of course, for some extra money, you will get extra features and probably a better product in general, but there are quite a lot of affordable steam generator irons on the market that work perfectly well and which will serve you for many years. It is important to keep in mind that affordable does not necessarily mean crap. For example, with our help you can track down some great discounts so a good iron will be much cheaper without sacrificing the quality or features.

Beldray BEL0434

In today’s business era people like to see nicely tailored and ironed suits or dresses. Even though there is always that say that you should not judge a person by the clothes people like what they see, and if you are looking good people will trust you more. They can’t help it, it is the nature of us all. But, even if you want to impress, you should always have your eye out for the most affordable products that can help you achieve just that. Fortunately, today we will talk about Beldray BEL0434. One of the most affordable steam generator iron stations on the market.Check Price on Amazon

Features of Beldray BEL0434

We are well aware that there can be some steam generator iron stations that have lower prices than this one, but there is this thing called service-to-cost ratio. We always take that in mind when choosing the right product. Sometimes you need to add a coin or two more if you want to reach a certain point in quality. Luckily, this product has it all.

  • Weight – Unlike some larger and more expensive iron stations, Beldray BEL0434 is quite lightweight. The total weight goes around 3 kilogrammes, which is quite handy when you need to transport it or move it when you don’t need it. When we say in total that means that this weight also includes the station that iron stands on.
  • Tank capacity – One of the things we like to check off the bat is the tank. There are a lot of iron stations that can’t deliver and you usually end up low on steam in the middle of the work. Fortunately, Beldray BEL0434 has a 2-litre tank which will allow you to steam and iron a handful of clothes without the need of refilling it.
  • Cord – The cord on this iron station is quite long, 1.8 meters to be exact which, from our standpoint is really good if you need to iron or steam clothes that can’t go on the ironing board, such as blazers, lower parts of your suit (pants) or longer dresses.
Advantages of Beldray BEL0434

  • Design – Not only does Beldray BEL0434 do good, it also looks good. Well, more than good, it looks amazing. It nicely fits in your hand which is quite important if you have a tonne of clothes to be dealt with.
  • Power – Unlike other, affordable iron stations, this iron station is really powerful. It puts out a 100 g/m steam which is great when struggling with clothes that are hanging. So your horizontal ironing won’t be a problem at all.
  • Price – Even though we are focusing on the price range in this category, that doesn’t mean that price should not be mentioned as an advantage. There are steam iron stations that will cost you a few hundred pounds and will probably give you the same results as this one. Like we said earlier, there are some gems on the market that will do the job really well and still not cost you a little fortune. One of those gems is Beldray BEL0434.
Bottom Line

In conclusion, if you are in need of a good steam generator iron station but you are on a tight budget, so to speak, then Beldray BEL0434 is your perfect pick. Service-to-price ratio is really amazing and we are more than sure that you will love it. The majority of customers is more than happy with this product, but some of them stated that before you start working with this iron you should soak the filter and let it rest for about 5 minutes before starting. With that in mind, it is a good head up, which will let you organise before starting. We suggest you soak it first and in those 5 minutes prepare all laundry you have to iron.​Check out the Beldray BEL0434 on Amazon

Pressurised Steam Generator Iron

The steam comes from a pressure boiler using a much greater power than in a non-pressurized steam generator iron. That means that the steam goes deeper into the fabrics leaving it much softer and cutting the ironing time even more. So, if you want to save even more time, a pressurised steam generator iron will be your best friend.

Morphy Richards 42244

Pressurised steam generator iron stations are really a piece of art, so to speak. Anyone who ever had to iron piles and piles of freshly washed clothes knows the struggle when that same clothes dries up and becomes hard like a rock. Steam from these iron stations serve as a solution to that problem, and pressurised iron stations are the number one in this line of work. One of the best on the market for several years now is the Morphy Richards 42244.​Check Price on Amazon

Features of Morphy Richards 42244​

Morphy Richards is a well-known manufacturer, and one of the top players when it comes to perfectly ironing your clothes. And in a few minutes, you will find out why.​

  • Plate – All as we all know it as a soleplate. Why so important? Well, after all, this is the part that will directly touch your clothes that you wear almost every day. In that manner, high-quality soleplate is a quite important feature. Morphy Richards 42244 has, so to call it, a diamond soleplate which will allow you to iron your clothes nicely and, more importantly, fast.
  • Tank capacity – It is really important to have reliable size tank that will allow you to handle everything without any problems. At first, 1-liter tank had us on the ropes, but as we noticed the speed of ironing we were quite shocked. Since the tank isn’t so big it makes you question the possibility that you will handle all your clothes before it runs out of the water, but it really won’t.
  • Weight – Since you will be holding this iron for some time it is important for it to be lightweight. Unlike some other steam iron stations, Morphy Richards 42244 weighs almost 4 kilogrammes. We are well aware that this isn’t so light, but on the other hand, have in mind that this weight includes station too. So before you picture yourself all buffed out from all that ironing keep in mind that this isn’t so heavy after all.
Advantages of Morphy Richards 42244

  • Maintenance – It is all nice and easy while you work with it. But, what after you are all done? Well, luckily for you Morphy Richards 42244 has an anti-scale cartridge that will save you a lot of time cleaning your steam iron station. Additionally, you get another cartridge as a spare when you buy this product.
  • Price – If you are looking for a really good, high-quality pressurised steam generator iron than you are well aware of the prices they have. Usually, the really good ones go for hundreds of a pound or more. Fortunately, Morphy Richards 42244 had a nice price change that will suit most budgets. And the best thing about this is that price went down because Morphy Richards wanted to make it more affordable for everyone.
  • Bestseller – So many good words about this product can only tell you that this is the real deal. Luckily, people, these days like to tell it how it is and want to help anyone who is looking for the best pressurised steam generator iron.
Bottom Line

In conclusion, there is nothing more that we can say to point out how good Morphy Richards 42244 really is. The price is really affordable, it saves you a lot of time and helps you finish your ironing tasks faster than ever before. This product will be by your side for many years to come and you will love every second of it for sure.​Check out the Morphy Richards 42244 on Amazon

Non-Pressurized Steam Generator Iron

A non-pressurized steam generator iron forces almost the same amount of steam through the fabric, but the steam is not forced with the same power and pressure, and that means that it will not soften the fabric as much as a pressurised one would. It cuts a lot of ironing time so it is still an amazing appliance. It is a great choice if you don’t have to iron piles of clothes every day.

Legend 2400W Gold

If you are looking for those old school irons that somewhat give you nostalgic feeling when using them, but still want to own something from this era then you need to take a closer look at Legend 2400W Gold. There is more to this simple looking product than meets the eye and in the next few minutes, you will learn a thing or two about it.Check Price on Amazon

Features of Legend 2400W Gold

Simple and easy to use. Two may features when we talk about non-pressurised steam generation iron stations. At first glance on this product, you will notice that it isn’t so conventional like other iron stations. It is more robust, simple and smaller. And the most noticeable part is that is cordless.

  • Soleplate material – Soleplate play a huge role in quality for every iron. It does not matter which type because the soleplate is the first thing that touches your clothes and you want to know that it is the best of the best. Legend 2400W Gold has a ceramic soleplate which means that you won’t burn your laundry that easily and that its surface won’t stick to any fabric. It is all about that nice and easy gliding over your shirts and dresses.
  • Design – Design is pretty straight forward and quite simple. Iron fits nicely in your hand and doesn’t put much strain on your hand while using it for longer periods of time. Since it is quite compact you will be able to take it out anytime, especially if you are in a hurry and store it anywhere making sure it won’t get in your way when not in use.
  • Adjustable temperature – At first sight, you can see the temperature regulator just below the handle. Now, temperature regulator or switch is really important if you have diverse clothing. Every fabric needs to be treated with different temperature which results in its long lasting.
Advantages of Legend 2400W Gold

  • Cord – Like we mentioned earlier, one of the great advantages of this iron station is that it is cordless. You won’t be bound by the length of the cord when you want to take straight down your pants or skirt in a hurry. All you need to do is take iron from the station and do your thing. Simple as that.
  • Maintenance – Since Legend 2400W Gold uses Anti Drip technology it is really easy to maintain it. Actually, this product is self-cleaning which gives you more time to focus on other things after you are done with your ironing chores.
  • Price – Unlike the majority of steam generator iron stations that can cost you hundreds of pounds, Legend 2400W Gold is really affordable and can fit any budget. Even though it has low price the quality won’t be an issue.
Bottom Line

In conclusion, Legend 2400W Gold is a great product for those people who don’t like or don’t want to spend to much time and money on ironing stations. If your closet isn’t full of suits, skirts, dresses etc. you don’t need to purchase heavy duty, high price steam generator irons that will be used once or twice a week. We are more than sure that you will love this one because it will do the job right and keep your clothes nice and straight.​Check out the Legend 2400W Gold on Amazon

Lightweight Steam Generator Iron

A lightweight steam generator iron usually weighs around 2 or 2.5 pounds. It is perfect for everyone no matter how strong or weak your muscles are. This is a weight almost anyone can handle. If your children are old enough, they can use it too.

Philips GC7619/20

If you are a fan of nicely made, and easy to handle steam generator iron stations then you will love Philips GC7619/20. Phillips is known by many as a high-end manufacturer of many home appliances that are well-known by their high-quality and perfect design. If you don’t want to slave your way through larger piles of freshly washed laundry then you are in for a treat.​Check Price on Amazon

Features of Philips GC7619/20​

Unlike other pressurised steam generator iron stations, this one will fit in your hand nicely and will allow you to do more in less time. And that is the most important feature for all of us.​

  • Tank – Water tank has the capacity of storing 1,5 litres which will allow you to iron a tonne of clothes but still keep the weight at the bare minimum. Since this irons station is quite powerful you will be going through your laundry faster and easier than ever before. Additionally, the information that Phillips stands behind is that you will have over 2 and a half hours of ironing time before you need to refill your tank. Impressive!
  • Cord – If you have the need to often steam vertically you will be really pleased with the cord length. The cord is 1.8 meters long and will give you zero problems when you want to straighten your dress or your suit. We all know how stressful it can get when you can’t put something on your ironing board and don’t have enough cord to do the steaming properly.
  • Design – Ironing station and iron are really nicely designed and they fit nicely anywhere. Since they are made to be small and practical, it is only natural to put them in some special place that won’t make it get in your way when you are not using it.
Advantages of Philips GC7619/20

  • Soleplate – After a long and detailed testing, engineers at Phillips created soleplate that is suitable for any type of fabric. Additionally, you will be able to adjust the temperature to your liking making it easier when switching between different clothes. The reason behind that is the T-ionicGlide soleplate premium design from Phillips. There will be no more burnt or damaged fabrics in your closet.
  • Lightweight – This review is focused on the fact that this product is really light and won’t put to much stress on your hand, back or wrist while you use it. Complete station weighs only 3 kilogrammes, which is a really low number, and if you keep in mind that you will work only with one part of it while the station is still next to you just imagine how iron really is.
  • Material – Sometimes, iron stations can get rusty over time. Since you are using water to create steam it is only natural that rust starts to get to your favourite iron. But not with this one, since we all know how durable stainless steel is, Phillips made sure to create a perfect body for this product which will allow you to be rust free for many years to come.
Bottom Line

All in all, there is no doubt that Phillips yet again delivered with the amazing product. Philips GC7619/20 is a piece of art and you will definitely love it. The majority of customers is more than happy with it and we are 100% sure so will you. Even though some stated that it is a bit strong with the price, they all noted that it is worth every penny and would never doubt it. Our conclusion is that this iron station is great life investment and you will enjoy every minute you spend with it.​Check out the Philips GC7619/20 on Amazon

What to Look for in a Good Steam Generator Iron

There are many amazing features this kind of iron provides. Some of them include time-saving, better ironing, automatic shut off, tank capacity, bar pressure and variable steam settings. Let’s take a closer look at them to help you choose the right one. For more detail, please read our steam generator iron reviews. We are sure we will help you pick the best one that fits your needs perfectly.​

  • Time-saving – using a steam generator iron can cut up to 50% of the time spent on ironing. That is great. Imagine ironing for an hour instead of two! You would have an extra hour to relax, read a book, do your hair, spend time with your friends or family or simply meditate. It relieves a lot of stress and keeps you happier and healthier.
  • Better ironing – a steam generator iron irons your clothes more neatly. The steam from the iron penetrates deeper into the fabric making it much softer and easier to iron. It is amazing how neat your clothes will look. You will save a lot of time and energy and be much happier and look better.
  • Automatic shut off – Now this is an amazing feature. Have you ever forgotten to shut your iron off? Don’t worry, we all have. This appliance switches itself off after a period of not being used, so if you forget to shut it off and go to work you can rest assured that nothing bad will happen and no one is in danger. This is especially good if you have small children.
  • Tank capacity – When buying a new machine such as this you have to take a good look at the tank. Some of these irons have bigger and some smaller tanks and it all depends on your needs.
  • Bar pressure – Bar is a term used to measure the amount of pressure. When choosing the perfect iron the rule is very simple: the higher the pressure, the easier it is to iron so keep that in mind.
  • Variable steam settings – depending on the material you are ironing, you can adjust the settings of the steam. You have to be very careful not to damage delicate materials, but with these irons, you needn’t worry about that. And if you are ironing some thick fabrics you can set your iron to make sure they iron perfectly.