Best Steam Generator Iron Reviews

It seems that the pace of life is increasing every day. While we need some free time – either to spend alone relaxing or having fun with friends or family, it can be difficult to find that down time. When we aren’t working, we’re at home doing chores instead of relaxing and that is how stress starts to build up. But, what if I could tell you of an easy way to create more time in your busy schedule and help relieve so much of that stress while improving your work life balance. It’s OK, I’m not some life coach or wellness guru – my solution is much simpler than re-aligning your chakra or learning yoga.

I’m speaking about cutting your ironing time in half! That’s right, wouldn’t it be great if you could spend more time with your spouse, kids, friends, or even just get more ‘me time’?

You can do all that with a steam generator iron! It is a kind of iron that generates steam in a special boiler unit using high pressure and it “injects” the steam right into the clothes making the fabric much, much easier to iron. So, give yourself the gift of free time, get rid of stress by doing something relaxing and lead a healthier life. Now you must be wondering which steam generator iron is best for you. Don’t worry. In this article, we are going to tell you all you need to know to choose the steam generator iron that fits your needs. If you have any questions after reading the text, feel free to check our best steam generator iron reviews for more detailed information.

Best Pressurised Steam Generator Iron

Reliable Senza 200DS 2-in-1 Home Steam Ironing System with Detachable Iron


The steam comes from a pressure boiler using a much greater power than in a non-pressurized steam generator iron. That means that the steam goes deeper into the fabrics leaving it much softer and cutting the ironing time even more. So, if you want to save even more time, a pressurized steam generator iron will be your best friend.


Reliable Senza 200ds 2-in-1 home steam iron system

Pressurized steam generator iron stations are one of the most effective pieces of ironing kit you can buy. Anyone who ever had to iron piles and piles of freshly washed clothes knows the struggle when those clothes dry out and becomes hard like a rock. Luckily, these powerful steam irons offer a solution to his problem. One of our favorite pressurized ironing systems is the Senza 200DS because of its solid build quality and competitive price.

 Features of Senza 200DS​

Although not one of the BIG 3 manufacturers, the Reliable Corporation has made a bit of a name for itself in recent years as being a producer of good quality irons at very competitive prices. The Senza 200DS follows on in this tradition with a host of features and a great build quality, making it one of our recommended pressurized steam generator irons.

Here are some of its great features

  • Plate – Also commonly called the sole-plate. This is one of the most important parts of any iron but why so important? Well, this is the part that will directly touch your clothes so it has to be high quality and must not transfer dirt or other debris onto the fabric. It needs to be smooth so that it doesn’t snag and damage the garments and should be tough enough to last for many years.The 200DS features a smooth ceramic sole-plate that glides effortlessly across all fabrics, so this iron scores highly on that front.
  • Tank capacity – It is really important to have decent size tank that will allow you to handle all of your ironing tasks. Cheaper models only come with small, usually 1-liter tanks, which need time to refill and heat up, increasing your ironing time. However, the 200DS gets round that problem with a nifty solution – an auto-refill system! By plugging the tank into your water supply , effectively, it will never run out and so, this iron can literally go on forever. The tank is also quite big – at 3.5 liters so once its filled up its not a problem.
  • Weight – Since you will be holding this iron for some time it is important for it to be lightweight. The station and iron combed weight in at just over 12 lbs so its in the middle of the range as far as weight is concerned.
  • Heating Time – This model heats up in just over 3 minutes and, while its not the fastest that we tested it a decent performance for an iron in this price bracket. We recommend plugging it in and then having a nice cup of tea as it heats up – no stress!
  • Features – lots of nifty features such as the never ending water tank and a vertical steam mode which enables you to iron curtains while they are hanging up make this iron a great gadget, especially as the price.
  • Warranty – a solid, no-quibble 1 year warranty and a lifetime boiler tank warranty. Sweet!

 Advantages of the Reliable Senza 200DS

  • Maintenance – We found this iron to be very reliable in our tests. It features anti scale technology to keep cleaning to a minimum and the high quality ceramic plate was easily maintained and cleaned after each job,
  • Price – Very competitive, we found this for sale on Amazon around the $250 mark meaning that its almost $150 cheaper than similar competing products.
  • Bestseller – So many good reviews for this product tell us that its not just us that love it – hundreds of people agree! In fact with over xxx reviews on Amazon its one of the most popular steam generator irons on the site.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, we were very satisfied with the Senza 200DS. Its well priced, fully featured and very easy to live with. It comes with a decent warranty and solid build quality so we believe that this iron will last you for a long time.

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Best Nanoceramic Steamer Iron

LANGRIA 2-in-1 Garment Steamer Iron Powerful Performance for De-Wrinkling Clothes Curtains Bedding with Nanoceramics Iron Panel Heats Up in 15 Seconds Supports 9 Steam Levels with Anti-Scald Glove


Professional quality results with this iron that utilizes the latest in nano-ceramic technology. The sole-plate heats up in an incredible 15 seconds so its ready to go as soon as you are and it features some of the most advanced features of any iron we have seen in its price range. Read the review to find out why we recommend this steam generator iron.


Langria 2-in-1 Garment Steamer

When it comes to ironing a lot of clothes, time is an important factor. That’s why we decided to include the Langria 2-in-1 garment steamer iron in our recommendations because its one of the fastest irons on the market. This device heats up to working temperature in an incredible 15 seconds and supports 5 different steam levels for different kinds of fabric. So, if you are in a hurry, then this is definitely the steam generator iron for you.

We hadn’t heard of Langria before we reviewed this model so it came as a pleasant surprise to us when we saw the quality of the packaging and the product itself. Its sturdy and well put together and comes with a comprehensive manual and even a handy anti-scald glove which is a nice touch. Other manufacturers should take note! The customer reviews are mixed, and there seem to be a few issues surrounding the reliability of the product but, during our tests it performed well. At the price point, its a good budget steam generator iron with a host of additional features and with the super fast heating up time we reckon that its the perfect model for people who iron on the go, as it were.

Here are some of its great features

  • Plate – The sole plate on the Langria is fashioned from super tough nano-ceramic material This makes it idea for delicate fabrics as well as heavy duty garments and in our tests we found it to be very smooth and easy to clean. Interestingly, because of the low drag and different steam settings its possible to use the Langria as a vertical steam iron which saves even more time. It also makes it ideal for tackling shirts and blouses without even having to take them off the hanger. Of course, its also possible to iron things such as curtains while they are hanging to freshen them up without the hassle of having to take them down and put them up again. Very convenient! The iron scores very highly in our tests because of this feature.
  • Tank capacity – Not the biggest tank at 1.1 Liters but enough for most everyday uses..
  • Weight – Very lightweight which makes it great for ironing curtains and for transporting but we thought that it flimsy a bit flimsy because of the lightweight materials and design. If you prefer a heavier iron we would advise you to avoid this model.
  • Heating Time – Super fast – 15 seconds to reach operating temperature. If you are in a rush and need to iron a shirt before heading to the meeting then this is the device for you!
  • Features – one of the most feature packed steam generator irons we have reviewed. It comes with and anti scalding glove and clothes brush to protect your knitwear and the base unit has a cable stow that enables everything to be packed away cleanly. There’s also a handy refill alarm which lets you know that the water level in the tank is getting low. All in all, a very comprehensive offering from Langria.
  • Warranty – 12 months as standard, no issues there.

ADVANTAGES OF THE Langria 2-in-1 Garment Steamer

  • Maintenance – with a nano-ceramic sole plate and self cleaning feature this ison is very easy to live with.
  • Price – Sub-100 dollars so very competitively priced, especially for the amount of features that the Langria 2-in-1 boasts.
  • Features – Almost to many to list. From self cleaning action, to tank alarm, easy clean sole plate, vertical iron capacity and a host of accessories, the list goes on.
  • Reviews – the only worry is the number of reviews left on Amazon which say that reliability is an issue. There’s no doubt that the Langria is one of the more lightweight contenders (in both design, build and manufacturer’s reputation) but we had no issues so, for us, there’s no reason to believe it wouldn’t do a great job at a keen price.


Although not well known and possibly one of the more lightweight models on the market we love the Langria 2-in-1 garment steamer and iron because of its versatility, number of features and amazingly fast heat-up time. If time is important and you have a restricted budget then we fully recommend this model.

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Best Branded Steam Generator Iron

Rowenta DG8520 Perfect Steam 1800-Watt Eco Energy Steam Iron Station Stainless Steel Soleplate, 400-Hole, Purple


You can expect professional quality results with this iron from an industry heavyweight. As you would expect from a Rowenta this product comes beautifully packaged with a cast iron guarantee and superb build quality. Of course, this comes at a premium price – we reckon you can get it for around $250 – but for the serious ironing fanatic – or someone who has a small business or large family – or vice versa 🙂 then this is a solid choice. If this is you, then please read on to find out more about the Rowenta DG8520.


Rowenta DG8520 Perfect Steam 1800-Watt Eco Energy Steam Iron Station 

When it comes to effective ironing then its best to work under pressure – and by that we mean steam pressure! You see, the higher the pressure, the deeper the steam penetrates into the fabric and the more effectively the wrinkles are removed. It also means the whole ironing process is faster . So, one of the reasons we like the Rowenta is because its one of the most powerful steam generator irons that we tested. Boasting an impressive 5 bars of pressure – most of the competition have between 2-3 bars – so this powerful iron is ideal for even the heaviest denims and wool fabrics as well as hanging fabrics such as curtains and drapes. These can actually be ironed while hanging meaning that they can be freshened up quickly and effectively.

It features a smooth, easy to clean sole plate and has a constant high powered steam function which our reviewer loved. Maintenance is also easy with the easy clean plate and patented calc-away system which prevents the build up of limescale and leads to an increased life.

The tank has an impressive 47oz capacity which, according to the manufacturers should last for 2 hours although, in our tests, we found that it couldn’t get past 90 minutes. Still, an impressive showing and easily as good as the other irtons that we tested.

You would think that such a powerful steam generator iron would be hard on the environment but, actually, the Rowenta was one of the most eco-friendly models that we tested. Its eco setting uses up to 20% less energy for the same performance compared to most of its nearest competitors. Of course, this means lower running costs as well so there’s a real world benefit as well as being safe in the knowledge that you are helping to protect the environment in your own small way.

The results that we achieved with this iron were superb. The precision ironing tip was a real boon for getting into those hard to reach corners on t-shirts with embroidered designs and the steam power was impressive.

As you would expect, quality like this comes at a price but if you shop around, as we did, you can find the Rowenta DB8520 for around $250 on amazon which represents a saving of over $100 on the high street price, and its also in line with less well equipped irons in the same price bracket.

  • Plate – micro steam plate with easy clean function – very smooth action and easy care.
  • Tank capacity – 47oz which is more than enough for most ironing jobs. You should get around 90-120 minutes out of a full tank.
  • Weight – Mid-weight as far as we are concerned but superb build quality and we didn’t experience any fatigue while using the iron.
  • Heating Time – Took around 8 minutes to reach full temperature which isn’t as fast as others in our test but nothing to worry about. Just pop on the kettle, have a nice cup of tea and brace yourself for the task in hand while the iron heats up.
  • Features – A basic, well made, no-frills device but has an advanced anti calcite system for a longer life.
  • Warranty – a solid, no-quibble 1 year warranty and a lifetime boiler tank warranty. Not that you will need ti.

 Advantages of the Rowenta DG8520

  • Maintenance – very low maintenance, just remember to keep the sole plate clean and the iron will pretty much look after itself,
  • Price – Not cheap but a quality device from a respected manufacturer
  • Bestseller – Over 600 positive reviews and an overall score of 4 starts on amazon means you can trust this device to deliver..

Bottom Line

In conclusion, we have no hesitation in recommending the Rowenta DG8520. Its well priced, fully featured and very easy to live with. It comes with a decent warranty and solid build quality so we believe that this iron will last you for a long time.

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Best Affordable Steam Generator Iron

Hamilton Beach Professional Steam Generator Iron, Grey


With a powerful 1750 Watt heater, this iron will be up and running in around 3 minutes. Perfect for larger loads as it will operate for well over an hour on a single tank of water. It not only looks good but it also performs very well in our tests and, given the relatively cheap price – you can pick one up on Amazon these days for around $180 – its the ideal choice for larger families or home based ironing services. Read the full review below to find out why the Hamilton Beach steam generator iron is the best pick in our affordable steam iron category.

If you are looking for a good iron that will cut down your ironing time but still helps you stay on budget then we can heartily recommend the Hamilton Beach Professional Steam Generator Iron. Of course, for a little extra money, you can get more features and, quite possibly,  a better known brand but, for an affordable steam generator iron that works perfectly well, and which will serve you for many years, then this certainly is a model to consider. It is important to keep in mind that affordable does not necessarily mean poor quality, and during our tests the Hamilton Beach performed very well and proved to be reliable.

Although this sits in the middle of the price range for most steam generator irons, the Hamilton Beach comes with a number of interesting features which places it alongside some more expensive models. For example, it comes with a handy 5 foot long steam hose so we never had to re-position the ironing board. It also features a handy cleaning brush and built in water softener feature which keeps cleaning to a minimum in hard water areas and prevent the build up of iron-killing limescale deposits. But, the best feature is its large water tank – around 1.8L which enables it to power through large loads without the need to stop. In our tests it ran for 1 hour 15 minutes before needing a refill which, we think, is more than enough time for most people to get the weekly iron out of the way.

Talking of time, it also heats up in around 3 minutes from cold. That’s pretty impressive as some steam generator irons we looked at took as long as 9 minutes to reach operating temperature. No one wants to have to plan their ironing tasks in advance especially if you are heading out the door to an important function, and need to give your best shirt or blouse a quick run over. So, its good to know that if you have the Hamilton beach model, you wont have to turn up late, or worse, in a wrinkled shirt!

Another feature that we like is the fact that the unit can be refilled while you are ironing so there’s, literally, no downtime for those larger loads.

Build quality and packaging are all up to scratch and, although its not a well known name, we believe that this helps keep the price down without any loss of reliability or features.

  • Weight – Unlike some larger and more expensive iron stations, the Hamilton Beach is quite lightweight. The total weight comes in at around 4 kilos, which is quite handy when you need to transport it or move it when you aren’t using it. When we say in total that means that this weight also includes the station that iron stands on.
  • Tank capacity – One of the things we like to check off the bat is the tank capacity. There are a lot of ironing stations that suffer from small tanks which lead to longer times and more inconvenient refills . Fortunately, the Hamilton Beach has a 1.8-litre tank which will allow you to steam and iron a handful of clothes without the need of refilling it.
  • Cord – The cord on this iron station is quite long, 5 feet to be exact which, from our standpoint is really good if you need to iron or steam clothes that can’t go on the ironing board, such as blazers, lower parts of your suit (pants) or longer dresses.

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Image Model Price Range Our Rating
Rowenta DG8520 £££

Reliable Senza 200ds

Langria 2-in-1 ££
Beldray BEL0434 ££



Types of Steam Generator Irons

There are a large number of different makes and models of steam generator irons on the market. To make it worse (or better, depending on your point of view) they all come with different add-ons, features and price-tags so choosing the right steam generator can be tricky. Luckily, we have you covered and we have done extensive research into these products.

We have always found that some of the most popular types of iron are those which are affordable, pressurised and light weight – but that still leaves a huge range of models to choose from. So, in order to make sure which one meets all your requirements, take a look at a more detailed description of every type:​

What To Look For In A Good Steam Generator Iron

There are many advantages that this kind of iron offers. Some of the most important ones are time-saving, better quality results, safety features such as automatic shut off, enhanced tank capacity, better bar pressure and variable steam settings to name just a few. Let’s take a closer look at the main advantages of a steam generator iron to help you choose the right one. For more detail, please read our steam generator iron reviews.

  • Time-saving – using a steam generator iron can cut up to 50% off the time spent ironing. That is great. Imagine ironing for an hour instead of two! You would have an extra hour to relax, read a book, do your hair, spend time with your friends or family or simply meditate. It relieves a lot of stress and keeps you happier and healthier.
  • Better ironing – a steam generator iron makes your clothes look neater than a conventional iron. Thats because the steam from the these kinds of iron penetrates deeper into the fabric making it much softer and easier to iron. It’s amazing how neat your clothes will look. And, whats more, you will save a lot of time and energy into the bargain.
  • Automatic shut off – Now this really is an amazing feature. Have you ever forgotten to shut your iron off? Don’t worry, we all have. This appliance switches itself off after a period of not being used, so if you forget to shut it off and go to work you can rest assured that nothing bad will happen and no one is in danger. This is especially good if you have small children.
  • Tank capacity – When buying a new machine such as this you have to take a good look at the tank. Some of these irons have bigger and some smaller tanks and it all depends on your needs.
  • Bar pressure – Bar is a term used to measure the amount of pressure. When choosing the perfect iron the rule is very simple: the higher the pressure, the easier it is to iron so keep that in mind.
  • Variable steam settings – depending on the material you are ironing, you can adjust the settings of the steam. You have to be very careful not to damage delicate materials, but with these irons, you needn’t worry about that. And if you are ironing some thick fabrics you can set your iron to make sure they iron perfectly.