About Us

First of all, we would like to say thank you for your time spending here with us. We are really delighted to have you here and we hope that this little site helped you answer many questions you had regarding steam generator iron. As you might have guessed we are huge steam generator iron and we simply can't imagine our lives without it. Surely, there are still people who think differently and we are well aware of that. But, if you are willing to give us another five minutes of your time we would like to tell you a little story about our firs experience with steam generator iron.

Who Are We?​

The first time we decided to get ourselves a steam generator iron was a few years back. These machines just arrived on the market and people weren't so interested in them because they didn't realise what they mean. Let us be real here, we are all used to see these products in ironing shops, where you take your clothes and pay someone to iron it for you. In the past, we did the same thing.

You wash and wash and when you have a tonne of clean clothes you take it downtown to iron it all. At a time that seemed like a great idea until our pockets started to itch. Even though it was, at a time, perfect solution, it cost a lot. But not only that, shopkeepers realised they are needed so one time they bumped up the prices just to see if people are desperate enough.

When that happened we knew that some things must be changed. At first, we thought to get ourselves a good old-fashioned iron. We were prepared to invest a few quids more for something semi-professional, but then a few friends of ours told us about steam generator iron. And let us tell you, we were stunned. Before we bought one we had a short trial period where we simply fell in love with this product and we would not change it for anything in the world. The iron practically did the job for us, the steam loosened the fabric of any part of the clothes making it much easier to straighten, the iron pad had a perfect temperature so you wouldn't burn anything by mistake. Overall, a great product to shorten the time you would waste on ironing and a great life investment that will save you a lot of hard earn money. To simply put it, forget about hours and hours behind the ironing board, forget about missing some important events and forget about cancelling your plans with friends because you need to iron clothes for the upcoming week. This little fellow will help you manage everything.

We certainly hope that you find the best steam generator iron here on this site. Have in mind that all our reviews are based on our personal opinions and are not sponsored by any manufacturer that was mentioned in those reviews, but let us tell you, some of them are pretty amazing with the work they do.​