Welcome to sterator.co.uk. This is a website dedicated to bringing you information about steam generator irons on the market which is up to date, accurate and easily digestible.

First of all, I would like to say thank you for your time spending here with me. I am really delighted to have you here and hope that this little site will help you answer any questions you have about steam generator irons. As you might have guessed, sad though it may seem, I am a fan of steam generator irons and I simply can’t imagine how I would get by without one. Hopefully my enthusiasm will rub off (sorry no pun intended) on you and you will come to see why these appliances are a must for every home.

Who Am I?​

I understand how difficult it is to choose a steam generator iron because I have been in your shoes. This website was built because over the past few years, the steam generator iron market has grown a lot and there are a lot of new features and specifications to these newer models. I have been using them for years but, every time I went to buy a new one and do some research, there seemed to be a lot of jargon in the descriptions and on the websites of these companies which did not make a whole lot of sense for me.

I wanted to simply understand what were the main features to look for and how would they benefit me. With this website, I have curated the top selling models in the industry at the moment as voted for by hundreds/thousands of Amazon shoppers and broken each model down into exact details of what their specifications mean and what you should be looking for with each model. I’ve highlighted the strengths and weaknesses of each model which will hopefully give you a much better understanding of why some models are better than others and allow you to come up with a decision on the iron that is better for you.

For example, price is one of the main differentiating factor between the models available, and this is something I really didn’t understand when I first started looking at steam generator irons. The prices can run anywhere from as little as £29.99 up to £299.99 (some even more than this). My thoughts were how could one iron be worth 10x the cost of another iron. It wasn’t until I started getting into the minute detail that I realised that a lot of the more expensive irons had much more useful features and higher ‘horsepower’ so to speak than their cheaper counter parts.

Price is a difficult one because you want to avoid the cheap irons which will break down after a few weeks, but unless you’re flush with cash or looking for a top of the line, heavy duty model, I doubt you want to spend £300 on an iron, at least not without understanding why it costs £300 and whether the cost would benefit you enough to commit to the purchase.

For example, if we look at the Bosch TDS4571GB, it costs £470.37 on Amazon which is an astronomical amount of money to spend, but it has 6 bars of pressure and a steam boost of 400g. While very expensive, these sort of features would be extremely useful for someone who irons quite lot, perhaps a professional maid/cleaner or someone who lives in a family of 10+ people who can typically spend many hours per week doing the ironing.

The extra power which is just not available in smaller models can not only massively cut down on ironing time, but it can also make the job a hell of a lot easier.

This sort of price range is not for everyone and I’ve mostly covered irons in the £75-200 price range as I feel that in this price range you will get the best value for your money. If you’re so inclined though, do feel free to check out some of the cheaper/more expensive models and see what you think, you may find that they are more suited to your needs. Otherwise, I hope you enjoy the site, and if you have any questions or queries do not hesitate to contact me.

Why Steam Generator Irons?

The first time I decided to get myself a steam generator iron was a few years back. These machines had just arrived on the market and people weren’t really interested in them because they didn’t realise what they did. I mean, let us be real here, we are all used to see these products in ironing shops, where you take your clothes and pay someone to iron it for you. But at home? No. 

You know how it goes, you wash and wash and when you have a tonne of clean clothes you take it int the store to have someone else iron it all. At the time that seemed like a great idea until my pockets started to feel the pinch. Even though it was, at a time, a perfect solution for me there was no getting away from the fact that it cost a lot. So, how could I get the same top quality results without breaking the bank? Well, luckily, help was at hand….

At first, I thought about just getting a good old-fashioned iron. I was even prepared to invest a few quid more for something semi-professional, but then a few friends of mine told me about something called a steam generator iron. And let me tell you, I was stunned. Before I bought one I managed to get a loan of one from a friend (thanks Mary!) and I simply fell in love with this product. I couldn’t imagine ironing without it. The iron practically did the job for me, the steam loosened the fabric of any part of the garments making it much easier to straighten, the iron pad had a perfect temperature so even I didn’t burn anything by mistake. Overall, it was a great product and I was sold!