Pressurized vs Non-Pressurized Steam generator Irons

When it comes to steam generator ironing systems, you will see that you can buy both pressurized steam generator irons and non-pressurized systems. But do you know what the difference is , and when you should buy one over the other? Well, let’s take a look at both types, so you can see which would suit you best…

One of the main advantages of steam generator irons is that that the steam output is much higher than that of a regular iron. But, depending whether your system is pressurized or non-pressurized, there’s a difference in how this steam is delivered.

Non-pressurized steam generator irons

Although non-pressurized steam generator irons are able to deliver similar amounts of steam as pressurized models, the steam is not pushed through to the iron with as much force as a pressurized iron. The steam from a pressurized system is forced through to the soleplate with much greater power by the pressurized boiler. This means the steam is more powerful and can penetrate deeper into fabrics, relaxing the fibers quickly which makes ironing easier.

Which should you choose, non-pressurized or pressurized steam generator irons?

on-pressurized steam generator irons are usually cheaper than pressurized models so, if you’re shopping on a budget, this might be something to consider. You might also find that garments which are ironed using pressurized steam generator irons need less airing, as they don’t tend to feel damp like those ironed with some non-pressurized models.

Both pressurized and non-pressurized systems will help you achieve an excellent quality finish to your laundry in less time than it would usually take. However, the extra power from a pressurized system will get your ironing done even faster, because it relaxes the fibers and penetrates both layers of clothing at the same time.

What should you look for?

You can usually tell whether a steam generator iron is pressurized, as it will have a bar rating. A rating of 3.5 or more will make a considerable difference to your ironing. Models which don’t have a bar rating are usually non-pressurized.

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